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Digiphoto occupy a purpose built studio on the outskirts of Dublin, just off the M50. DigiPhoto are specialists in digital photography and imaging. We have been innovators in this area and were one of the first companies providing high definition, large format digital resources to the Advertising and Marketing sector.


I'm delighted to announce my new book of photography. This personal collection reflects the more artistic expression of my passion for photography as visual art. Feel free to browse the book here, and simply click on the order button if you would like your own copy!


Digital Photography offers advantages over conventional photography. Mostly important is that the digital image is available immediately for use on computer applications resulting in a considerable time saving in the concept to publication deadlines. Instead of photographing onto film, wait for film processing (hours), couriers, Scanning of film/print, it can all be done in minutes by photographing on Digital and you can leave studio with CD/DVD or email, having first proofed on screen or have photo proof emailed to your office for approval before final photograph is recorded. All our Studio Digital Photographs are captured as CYMK Tiff files (suitable for all types of reproduction) Files sizes can be up to 100mbs in size, when these files are saved they can be easily converted for WEB, presentation, email (JPEG, GIF ect.)

Whether you need a quick set up for a pending campaign, a mock-up for your next award winning poster campaign, a brochure realised in digital form, or a specialised digital source for archival, we will promise you a committed and experienced services which you can rely on. But you don't have to take our word for it!

Contact Trevor Lee now on +353 1 2865219 or Mobile 0872495746, or pop a email to:


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